Crane Fleet

350 Ton Grove Crane AT

300 Ton Grove Crane AT

240 Ton Grove Crane AT

225 Ton Grove Crane AT

165 Ton Grove Crane AT

150 Ton Grove Crane (Rough Terrain)

120 Ton Grove Crane AT

110 Ton Link-Belt Crane 218 HSL Conventional Crawler

100 Ton Link-Belt Crane 218A Conventional -Truck Carrier

90 Ton Grove Crane Hydraulic

75 Ton Terex Crane Hydraulic

60 Ton Grove Crane Hydraulic

40 Ton National Boom Truck

30 Ton Manitex Boom Truck

17 Ton Manitowac Boom Truck


Trailers and Heavy Moving

Trailers, Drop decks, Lowboys and Rail Trailer

30 Ton Forklifts

15 Ton Forklifts

Specialized Rigging Equipment



Recent Graber Crane Projects